Learn Numerous Reasons Why Natural Soap is Beneficial for Your Health and Beauty

Learn Numerous Reasons Why Natural Soap is Beneficial for  Your Health and Beauty 


6 benefits of natural  soap you may not have known


  1. It smells like we want and not chemicals.
  2. Its vitamins help treat skin ailments.
  3. Multipurpose.
  4. Take advantage of the benefits of glycerin.
  5. Free of chemical substances.
  6. Take care of the environment.

Glycerin’s benefit to your skin


It is the major ingredient that natural soaps use as the moisturizing agent for the skin. This humectant attracts moisture to your skin and keeps it soft.


When natural soaps are made, this softening agent forms as a byproduct of water, butters, and oils, that are mixed together to make these mild cleansing bars. And, it is then left right there, and that is what makes it such a good thing.


Prefer Natural Fats over palm oil 


All-natural soaps will always look for more eco-friendly alternatives than palm oil.


Natural fats like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc are much more preferred ingredients now.


Not only do they have fewer adverse effects on the environment, but are also effective at keeping the skin soft, moisturized, and supple.


These fats are easier to obtain ethically, unlike palm oil, and also foster sustainability in agriculture.


Steer clear of palm oil and its derivatives


For people who support organic and ecology with all their hearts, they know what using palm oil means. Sadly, it is a highly popular oil when it comes to soaps and beauty products.


Palm oil. The production of this oil, in case you didn’t know, has been the reason for the annihilation of natural habitats, wildlife, and ecosystems. The land has been plundered and shorn of its natural resources.


It has directly and indirectly degraded so many wildlife species.

Consider doing some research and finding out what these derivatives are.


No Harmful preservatives


You must understand that a shorter life is only an indicator of no harmful preservatives and hardening agents.


If you see soaps with years of shelf life, you probably need to take a thorough look at its composition. You might just discover that your bar is not so natural.


Here are some handy tips to use your all-natural soaps optimally:


You could refrigerate or even freeze them.

It can be cut into two halves so that the entire bar doesn’t evaporate in one go.


Vegans, This is for You


If you are a vegan, you sure want to check on vegan ingredients.

All the goat’s milk and honey are luxurious, but you certainly need something that is fairer and kinder to animals.

Products with milk, honey, and animal fats are popular and easy to find. But, you will have to do some browsing to find yours.

Luckily, most organic stores have dedicated vegan sections. So, finding one with vegan ingredients shouldn’t be a problem.

As for the price, they cost almost the same as non-vegan soaps, sometimes even less depending on the quality of the components.


Natural Antiseptic is Great

If you have been facing skin infections, my friend, you’d love some natural antiseptic.


Yes, soaps that contain tea tree oil, coconut oil, or eucalyptus oil are naturally laden with antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial qualities.


These oils are equipped to combat fungi, viruses, and infection-causing bacteria that can harm your skin even if you keep it clean.


All these oils are so potent that they even help calm down the flare-ups and treat psoriasis.


So, as you can see these ingredients in natural soaps are always a plus.


Soap Texture – Granular or Smooth?


When you dive into the organic soap section of any supermarket, you are likely to come across two major variations – grainy and smooth.

Go, for the latter without even a speck of doubt.

Granular texture may sound very authentic and in assonance with natural, it is, however, abrasive.


This is one attribute of these bars that may end up irritating skin affected with acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

It will end up opening the pores of your skin to only aggravate skin problems.

So, smooth is the only way to go.


Aloe Vera 


It is also an incredible healer for the skin. Along with impeccable moisturizing abilities, this herb also heals broken and sunburnt skin.


It even helps heal skin lesions and extremely dry skin. It is very popular in gel form, but hey, if your all-natural soap has this ingredient, please consider buying it.

Another plus that aloe vera soaps will give you is that of maintaining the pH balance of your skin.

Well, most natural bars will do that but there is no moisturizing agent better than aloe vera.

While cosmetic soap bars sheer moisture off your skin with its harsh chemicals and disturbs the pH balance, these natural alternatives are your saviors.


Now that you’ve learned the health and beauty benefits of natural soap, buy some next time you’re shopping at the store or online. Take care of your skin today, your skin will thank you for years to come.  


Enjoy a refreshing and relaxing bath using natural soaps while listening to soothing music with our natural soy candles to set the right mood.  


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